Single Handed

Does the sea always give up her secrets?

When a dismembered hand is discovered in a lobster pot off the North Norfolk coast, it’s one less missing person for the police to look for. Until something much darker emerges…a blackmail note.

Gareth Dawson, a reformed criminal whose gruff exterior hides a kind heart, is trying to deal with the aftermath of his stepfather’s death. But if the extortionist reveals the shameful secret that Gareth’s stepfather has been hiding, the truth will destroy both his memory and the lives of those mourning him. As well as those who aren’t.

With his mother refusing to go to the police, Gareth realises that he will have to deal with the situation—alone and single handed. But who is telling the truth? And who is lying?

Can Gareth identify the blackmailer and uncover the truth about his step-father? Or are some family secrets best left hidden…?

Available for pre-order now. Release date 1st Aug 2020.